Find Your Perfect Match

Here at “Concierge Introductions” we know that our clients are often extremely busy, whether running their business empire, successful practice or with everyday social affairs.

Majority of our clients are doctors, lawyers or successful business-owners who simply do not have the time to find perfect match or to waste time on trying to build a relationship with incompatible people.

Our highly trained matchmaking staff will remove the time-consuming elements of dating to create a streamline, frustration-free experience for our upscale clients. We will find your perfect match and match you with a compatible dates based on your specified criteria automatically, and will even go as far as to totally arrange a dinner/lunch date for you, depending on the level of service purchased. You will not waste any time attempting to find your perfect match, all you have to do is meet with them at any convenient time. You can also rest assured knowing that if for any reason a match might not work out, there are always more matches for you to connect with.

Our clientele is a distinct men, who expect first class service in everything they do in everyday life. We call ourselves a “dating concierge” for our clients, who use our services just as they would use a concierge service in any other area, whether real estate or automobile purchase, travelling arrangements or making reservations to find perfect match. Here in “Concierge Introductions” we take dating to a whole new level of sophistication and customer service and our upscale clients have true appreciation for it and expect nothing less!