Elite Matchmaking

Using Matchmaking Company  vs. Elite matchmaking

elite matchmakingElite matchmaking is fraught with dangers and scams. Often times, people are not who they say they are in their on-line profiles. They will post old photos, sometimes as far back as their High-School photo, or input false information to make their profile seem more appealing. Elite matchmaking dating users might even already be married, or have hidden criminal pasts. There is also a great chance that you might be matched with a person who is completely incompatible with you. There is no way of finding out the truth until you physically meet with  the person you have been corresponding with. You might be stuck on a horrible date with someone who you thought was compatible with you but instead operating under a false profile.  There is a lot of time wasting and heartbreak.

We at “Concierge Introductions” do a background check, as well as meet individually with each of our members. We strive to make sure that each member is single, has a good record and provides us with most recent pictures of themselves. We will also personally match our members based on their given criteria, so the end result is are no-surprises, and all the dates are arranged with someone who has similar interests and life goals as you.

About 40% of our clients here at “Concierge Introductions” are former on-line dating web-sites customers. After having tried our elite matchmaking services, they would absolutely never go back to the “unknown” and time consuming on-line dating scene again. They really appreciate time and effort we spend to get to know each one of our clients to make a successful match. A majority of our clients find a compatible partner for a serious relationship within first three dates.